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Pizza With Pizzazz

Pizza is usually a dish of Italian origin consisting of a flat, round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically with added meat or vegetables. But there are different ways to make pizza that are fun and easy. How to make Pizza Cones:  Pizza Bread Bowl: Watch video and

Homemade Sweet Potatoes Fries

  This Baked Sweet Potatoes recipe is my favorite quick and delicious way to prepare sweet potatoes! You can add some pumpkin spice for additional flavor. They are amazingly low carb, filling, and easy to cook. The natural sugars mixed in with the salt (cinnamon is a big favorite too!) is an absolute delight. Print recipe

Spinach Dip with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

  Put together this Spinach Dip recipe for a dependable party classic. Enjoy this easy-to-make spinach dip with the help of PHILADELPHIA cream cheese.  Print Spinach Dip with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Ingredients 1 pkg. PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese 8 oz., softened 1 cup BREAKSTONE'S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream 1 env. ranch salad dressing mix 1 oz.

7 Appetizers For The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is Sunday Feb. 5th. Make your recipe list with these awesome appetizers. Cheese Ball Bites  Our favorite word to hear in front of cheese is “loaded.” Recipe HERE    2. Garlic Pull-Apart Bread Looks impressive? It’s really easy to make. 6 ingredients and 30 minutes are all you need for this cheesy

Baked Crunchy Tacos

      Make tacos more substantial by adding beans to the ground beef mixture. For authentic flavor, try with fresh chorizo sausage instead of the ground beef.    Print Baked Crunchy Tacos Ingredients 1 pound ground beef -Substitutions 1 pound fresh chorizo sausage casings removed 1 can black beans 15 ounces, drained and rinsed

4 Different Ways To Cook Bacon

  Yummy bacon! Here are 4 different ways to cook one of America’s favorite food. Print 4 Different Ways To Cook Bacon Ingredients Maple Candied Bacon 1 pound thick cut bacon 1/3 cup maple syrup 1/2 cup brown sugar Bacon and Egg Baskets 6 strips bacon 6 eggs Candied Whiskey Bacon 12 strips of Bacon