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Ultimate Chocolate Dessert Collection

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Strawberry Crepes Using Pancake Batter

Making Homemade Strawberry Crepes with Pancake Batter is so easy you will wish you knew this recipe before. You can use bought pancake mix or make your own. Strawberry Crepes are a delightful dessert or perfect for breakfast. You could substitute any fruit other than strawberries. I have used bananas and love it. These crepes

Lovin’ S’Mores

I must admit I love S’mores. Now that I found different ways to make them I am enjoying them even more. Here are different ways to make them:

Making Punch

Having a party or guest over for a BBQ? Then make some punch to serve your guest. Easy to make and delicious to taste.

Let’s Make A Fruity Dessert

What could be more delicious than a dessert with fruit in it? You will love these recipes:

Ultimate Fruit Dessert Recipes

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