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5 Perfect Spring Flowers

I am soooo ready for spring. Ready to get outside and start a flower garden.  Here are a few flowers to start your garden:  Pansy.  You can start pansy seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before you plan on transplanting them. Plant seeds in late winter for early spring and summer flowering, or plant seeds in

3 Best Homemade Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are just easier to manage. They help remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, leaving your skin softer and smoother, without causing pain. A sugar scrub is a good choice is your skin is extremely sensitive or if you have had a salt scrub before and found it scratchy or uncomfortable.  Here are

The Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings

  All you need is a pot, soil, and one tomato. Don’t believe? Just watch…  

What Does A Tea Bag and Sore Gums Have In Common?

  Tea bags aren’t just for tea. This is a trick my mother taught me.  Refrigerate 2-3 tea bags and place them inside your mouth, on the affected area to get instantly soothe your sore gums. They can also be used to reduce mouth inflammations and treat mouth ulcer.

Fastest Way To Cool A Bottle

      Just wrap your bottle in a wet paper towel or rag and pop it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

How To Boost The Life Of Your Banana’s

    Bananas release ethylene gas, which ripens the fruit. By wrapping the stalks in plastic wrap you’re stifling the ethylene gas, slowing down the aging process. You can extend their shelf life by about three to five days.  Recipes using bananas. Click on each picture for recipe