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Myths And Facts About Diabetes

Get the facts about diabetes and learn how you can stop diabetes myths and misconceptions. Myth: If you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop type 2 diabetes. Fact: Being overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk factors such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role.

5 Homemade Weed Killers

Try one of these all-natural solutions to remove unwanted plants from your garden. Be sure to put them directly on weed. Some may be harmful to other plants. None will harm pet.┬áRather than paying for expensive and chemical-packed products, use these recipes:   See more of our Garden Tips

Get Ready To Go Camping

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter such as a tent, a caravan, or a motorhome. Generally participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. To be regarded as “camping” a minimum of one night is

Can You Really Open A Can With A Spoon?

Apparently you can! How to open a can of food using a spoon. If you haven’t got a can opener, you can use this life hack to cut your way into the can using a spoon. Good for an emergency or a camping trip. Be very careful of sharp edges and consider wearing safety gloves.

5 Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Even if you have a small space you can grow a garden. Here are 5 ideas for gardens in small spaces. See more Gardening tips: Clever Gardening Tips Tips For Gardening In Small Places 5 Perfect Spring Flowers

DIY Privacy Windows Without Using Shades

  Add privacy to any window without using shades, blinds or curtains. An easy and affordable way to create privacy for any window in your home! Lauren said “I used this method and it worked fantastic. I taped the cut pieces of lace to the bottom half of my large windows then applied the cornstarch