10 Awesome Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide



Hydrogen Peroxide has many great uses. 

1.Blood stains on clothing. As a nurse I found that the best way to get rid of blood stains was to soak the spot with hydrogen peroxide.Works well on wine stains too. combining equal parts hydrogen peroxide and liquid detergent and pouring over the stain. Blot with a towel, wash with warm water, and let it dry.

2. Destruction of viruses- 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide  in each ear, and let drain, will eliminate earwax and any viruses that like to fester such as “swimmers ear”.

3. Clean toothbrush-Leaving a moist toothbrush overnight isn’t the best for oral hygiene. Soak in hydrogen peroxide and you’re all set!

4. Treat calluses and corns- Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and soak your feet to soften them.

5. Mouth rinse-Not only will it kill mouth bacteria that cause bad breath, but whiten them! Dilute in water (the mixture should be about half water-half hydrogen peroxide) and use as a mouthwash, being very careful not to swallow any of the stuff. Some experts even think it helps alleviate toothaches and canker sores!

6. Household cleaner-As a sanitizing agent it is remarkably well-suited for the job! Use as a general, multi-surface cleaner.

7. Glass cleaner- Allow HP to sit on a mirror and bubble before wiping away!

8. Make Sure Your Veggies are Safe. Nobody wants bacteria-filled vegetables. Place 3% hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and mist over your produce, letting it soak for about five minutes before rinsing off and drying.

9. Armpits. Sweaty? Get rid of embarrassing armpit stains by placing a mixture of 1 part dish washing liquid and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide on the affected area. Let it sit for about an hour before rinsing away in cold water.

10. Clean Out the Fridge. Non-toxic hydrogen peroxide is an ideal cleaning tool for your fridge. Apply, let it soak, and wipe clean. You can also do this with dishwashers. 

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