10 Best Easter Dessert Recipes


10 Best Easter Dessert Recipes. Easter is the time to celebrate and enjoy a fest with your family. These recipes will make perfect Easter treats.

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles. This is a yummy recipe that teaches you how to make golden egg and Oreo truffles for this Easter. Easy with only 4 ingredients required. So festive looking. Recipe and instructions HERE

Homemade Mocha Ice Cream. No Easter dinner would be complete without homemade chocolate ice cream. You can make this recipe with or without an ice cream maker. Recipe and instructions HERE

Sugar Chocolate Easter Eggs. Chocolate covered eggs that are covered in a white chip coating then decorates for a festive delight. Recipe and instructions HERE

Creamy Banana Pudding. This recipe is even better and easier than a banana pie. The almonds on top make a crunchy topping. Yummy dessert for Easter. Recipe and instruction HERE

Easter Bird’s Nest Brownie Bites. These are basically German chocolate brownie bites, with cadbury eggs placed on top. They still look like cute little bird’s nests and they taste amazing! Recipe and Instructions HERE

Easy Easter Rice Krispies Treats. My favorite part of this recipe is only three ingredients but a finished adorable treat in the end! Use pre-packaged Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats for these yummy edible carrots. Recipe and instructions HERE

Purple Easter M&M Bark. A special recipe for the kids. Wrap them as a gift. So easy to make and fun to eat. Recipe and instructions HERE

Easy Carrot Cake Trifle. Spruce up a carrot cake mix by layering it with walnuts and a homemade cream cheese mixture. This carrot cake trifle dessert is simple, but amazing! Makes an awesome Easter dessert. Recipe and instructions HERE

Deviled Easter Egg Chicks. What an adorable idea for your deviled eggs. Not only aren’t they delicious but everyone one will get Everyone will enjoy the cuteness of them. Instructions HERE

Empty Tomb Rolls. These rolls are very easy to make. Filled with a cinnamon twist and baked. Make them for breakfast or a dessert. Recipe and instructions HERE

Easter Cherry Cake
My Honeys Homemade Marble Cake
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