10 Brilliant Garden Edging Ideas

10 Brilliant Garden Edging Ideas

Making your garden look beautiful using edging.  Here are a few idea.


Brick is perhaps the most traditional garden edging option, and for good reason. It defines garden borders well, it’s weather resistant, and it has a timeless look that goes well with nearly any surroundings. The material cost is higher than some other projects on this list, but the work is relatively minimal.

10 Brilliant Garden Edging Ideas


This idea is possibly the least labor-intensive on the list, but will still require some strength and perseverance as you carry and set large stones into place. The stones can be purchased or found, but a relatively uniform size is preferred to create the desired “wall” effect.

10 Brilliant Garden Edging Ideas

Log Edging

Whether laid out horizontally or vertically (as pictured), using cut logs to edge your garden is a simple, environmentally friendly, and beautiful project. With access to some cut wood, either via retail, your own property, or that of a friend, you can create an appealingly natural garden edge with a bit of effort and time.

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