10 DIY Spring Garden Decor


10 DIY Spring Garden Decor. Make your garden look spectacular and fun.

Ladybug Golf Balls Craft. Make your garden playful with these adorable ladybugs. Instructions HERE

DIY Tire Flower Planter Tutorial. This is a great idea for upcycling tires. Give new life to a worn out tire by giving it a candy colored coat of paint and filling it with soil and a colorful display of your favorite blooms. Instructions HERE

Easy DIY Garden Markers Spoons. If you are as forgetful a gardener as I am, these garden markers spoons may be just the thing you need in your own garden! Spoons can be picked up for a song at any thrift store. All you need is a little paint, and you have cute markers to liven up plant beds. Instructions HERE

DIY Garden Planter And Bird Bath. Plant your flowers and a way to give the winged creatures of your garden a place to get a drink and a bath. Instructions HERE

How to Make a Garden Fountain. The project is nothing to get stressed about. In a mere weekend, you can fountain-ize most any leftover garden ornament, turning it into an enduring monument to tranquillity. Relaxation never seemed so easy. Instructions HERE

DIY Waterdrop Solar Garden Lights. You’d be surprised to learn how easy and quick it was to make these beautiful water drop solar lights. Instructions HERE

Make a Bird Feeder with Cups and Saucers from Goodwill. How adorable is this? Instructions HERE

Sea Glass Garden Ornament. Learn how to make a sparkling sea glass garden ornament for the your favorite pot or spot in the landscape. Instructions HERE

DIY Mosaic Rocks Garden Decorations. A favorite projects for the garden is doing mosaics. Add a little extra pop of color to garden! Get Instructions HERE

Clay Pot Terracotta Toadstools. Add some personality to your home and garden with these adorable Clay Pot Toadstools. They are easy to make and look great. Get instructions HERE

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