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10 “Other” Uses For Waxed Paper


10 “Other” Uses For Waxed Paper


Wax paper is not just for baking. 10 “other” uses for waxed paper.

1.Rub wax paper on your shower curtain rod to help the shower curtain rings glide more smoothly.

2.Fix a stuck zipper with wax paper. Run a piece of it over the teeth of your zipper to help provide a more slippery surface so your zipper can zip more easily.

3.Clean your iron by putting salt on wax paper and ironing it. Sounds strange, but it really works!

4.Cover the insider of the drawers throughout your house with wax paper to protect from stains, spills, dust, and dirt.

5.Put a sheet of wax paper on your Swiffer to get dust off the floor.

6.Add wax paper to your refrigerator shelves to make clean up a breeze. The wax paper won’t stick to the glass, so it’s easy to remove.

7.When frosting a cake I tear pieces of about 2 inches wide and slip them under the edges of the cake.  When I’m done frosting, I simply pull them out and toss them.  The cake plate stays clean and neat.

8.Make a wax paper in a cone shape and then you can easily pipe frosting to cakes and cookies.

9.Wipe a slide with wax paper. It will make the slide more slippery. The kids will love it!

10.Put it on top of your kitchen cabinets, changing it about once a month. Easy to clean up all that grease and grime.

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