10 Ways To Feel Younger


10 Ways To Feel Younger. You don’t have to be young and perfect to feel younger. Do these steps and I guarantee you will feel younger.

Listen to this song as you scroll though the tips. I promise you it will put you in a good mood:

Smile. This is my number 1 tip to do. Smile at everyone you meet, does not matter if they don’t smile back. Smiling will make you look and feel younger. See how nice this older woman looks. What do you think she would look like with a frown on her face?

Hair. “Hair is your crowning glory” Keep it clean and soft. You will surprised how good it will make you feel if you go to a good hair stylist and get an up to date haircut. Go to a wig shop with an honest friend and see what color would look good on you. Then ask your hair dresser to color your hair. Be funky and put a blue or purple steak in your hair.

Teeth. You may not have perfect teeth, but see your dentist regularly. Keep your teeth clean and healthy. It may be expensive but get braces if you need them. Believe me it will be well worth the money. Having nice teeth is not only healthy but will build up your confidence.

Sing. You do not have to be a good singer to enjoy singing. Sing while you work. Singing 10 minutes daily will reduce stress, clear sinuses, improve posture and can help you live longer.

Laugh. “Laughter is the best medicine” Watch funny TV shows or videos. Spend time with friends that make you laugh. Laughter may seem forced at first but over time it will become natural. Surround yourself with funny people. Make jokes and laugh at their jokes.

Dance. Dancing will uplift you and put you in a good mood. As the old saying goes “dance as if no one is watching”. You don’t have to be a good dancer to dance. Just enjoy yourself. Turn on the music while doing household chores. Then dance to your heart content.

Be sociable. Talk to friends or family. Go to parties. Visit a nursing home, not only will you make them happy, you will be thankful for what you have. Talk about “happy” times. DO NOT complain to your friends. You will just drag yourself and them down.

Be funny. To be funny, start by taking a few cracks at your own expense. “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone”. Trust that buried somewhere inside of you there is at least a nugget of humor and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to do crazy things.

Mediate. Go someplace by yourself that is relaxing. Could be a park, a garden, a quite place in your office, etc. Close your eyes and just think of nothing for 5 minutes. It will surprise you with how much better you will feel.


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