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12 Uses For Aluminum Foil That Are Not For Baking

12 Uses For Aluminum Foil That Are Not For Baking. Of course aluminum foil has great uses for baking in your kitchen. But bet you never heard of these 12 awesome uses:

Remove rust: All you have to do is soak the foil in water and scrub on rushed chrome. The rust will melt away.

Throw away grease: After you fry food. Pour your unwanted grease in a cup lined with aluminum foil. Wait until it hardens then throw it in the trash.

Keep banana’s fresher: Just wrap foil around the ends of a banana and it will keep them from getting brown too fast.

Burned pans: Use some dawn dish soap and a ball of aluminum foil and easily scrub it off.

Iron your clothes: Place a piece of tinfoil under the ironing board cover. This will reflect the iron’s heat back up to the bottom of the clothes, allowing you to iron both sides at the same time.

Make a beautiful frame: Make a cheap wooden frame unique and beautiful! Simply paint the wooden frame with art glue, and adhere aluminum foil to the front of the frame. For best results, fold foil around the edges of the frame. It’s OK if the foil is wrinkled – that adds to the rustic look! Once the glue dries, lightly sponge on metallic paint to create a rusted metal appearance.

Sharpen Scissors: Fold foil in quarters to create four layers. Then, cut foil with scissors – it will sharpen the blades.

Use as a funnel: Form a funnel out of foil. Easy clean up after, as you can simply throw out the dirty foil.

Use in your clothes dryer: By tossing a ball of wadded-up foil into the dryer with a load of clothes you can avoid static cling.

Keep your oven cleaner: Place a sheet of foil in the bottom rack to prevent any drips or crumbs falling to the bottom. Make sure to replace regularly to avoid any damage to the oven.

Move heavy furniture: Place aluminum foil under the legs of furniture and it will glide with ease.

Cover while painting. Cover door handles with foil and it will protect those areas from unwanted pain.


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