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14 How To Garden Tips and Tricks


14 Garden Hacks, Tips and Tricks you will use.

1. Spread plastic forks around your garden, handle-side down. The prongs will scare critters away before they get too close without hurting them!

2. Place a pallet where you’ll start your garden. Then fill the slots with soil, plant your flowers, and watch as your garden becomes perfectly organized in no time.

3. Spread coffee grounds lightly in your garden, as it will actually work to keep pests that ruin your plants far away. Coffee grounds also make a great garden fertilizer.

4. Use broken eggshells to keep slugs and snails at bay. Just spread them around your plants.

5. Use citrus fruits to start your garden: Simply cut a citrus fruit in half and scoop out the flesh. Now, use the rind as a tiny pot, fill it with some soil, and sprinkle a couple seeds inside. Once it begins to grow, you can then transfer them to your desired garden, where the fruit will break down and provide added nutrients! You can also use egg shells, just remove the top of an egg and fill it with soil and seeds.

6. Plant some herbs, like marigold or lemongrass, to keep mosquito’s away .

7. The next time you’re going to flush your pasta or vegetable water down the drain, don’t! Instead, after letting it cool, use it to water your garden and allow the nutrients and starch to enrich your plants.

8. Instead of spending your money on a store-bought watering can, drill some small holes into the lid of an old milk container and fill it with water. You can even decorate it, and it’s a nice way to reuse plastic.

9. Drill several small holes into a bottle or jug. Next, place it in the soil up to the neck. Now, fill it with water and allow it to irrigate your garden from underground!

10. Fill an empty wine bottle with water and place it mouth-side-down in the soil. Instead of dumping right out, the water will drain from the bottle and soak the soil over time!

11.Line the bottom of your plant holders with diapers, and water your plants like normal. The super-absorbent material from the diaper will trap the water and hydrate your plants for days!

12. Get rid of weeds for good by pouring a healthy dose of vinegar directly on top of them.

13. Pinch the tips of young plants for bushier growth. Deadhead spent flowers from your plants to promote more blooms and remove top shoots and emerging flowers of your herbs to help them have a healthy growth and prevent bolting.

14. Take shipping peanuts used in boxes to pack and mail something. Place these in bottom of pot serves as venting from bottom as well as quick fix for loosening your dirt out the bottom.

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