15 Home Remedies For Your Furry Friends


15 Home Remedies For Your Furry Friends. These tips are safe and effective for dogs and cats.

Skin infections: Use vitamin E oil and massage it into inflamed skin.

Cat hair balls: Give them a spoon full of butter or vegetable oil.

Homemade shampoo: Animals should not use human shampoo. Mix dish soap with water and white distilled vinegar.

Diarrhea: Mix plain yogurt with their food.

Stinky gas: Sprinkle some fennel seed in their food once a day.

Bee sting: Use a credit card to pull out the stinger then wash with baking soda. If they have an allergic reaction to the sting, then give 1 mg per 1 pound ratio of Benadryl.

Skunk spray: Bathe your pet in hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda and dish soap.Then soak in tomato juice for several minutes.

Irritated  eyes: Use regular saline eye drops several times a day,

Ear mites: Clean the ears with a cotton ball dipped in regular vegetable oil and wipe gently.

Sores: Clip the fur around the area, clean with hydrogen peroxide then put a small amount of cortisone cream to the sore. Do this two times a day.

Fleas: Wash in dish soap and water then gently run a comb gently through their fur.

Sore or cracked paws: Use lotion and antibiotic ointment.

Itchy skin: Combine baby oatmeal with water then rub into fur.

Use metal bowls to feed your pets. Metal bowls tend to collect less bacteria than plastic bowls.

Constipation: Use purred pumpkin or prunes every few days. Just be sure to remove the pits.

If any symptoms last more than 3 days contact your veterinarian.

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