16 Deadliest Food You Eat Everyday

16 foods


Hot dogs

Like all processed meats are, hot dogs contain preservatives to extend their shelf life. Sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrate are the two common preservatives added to them. Science has proved time and again that these additives are linked to health problems.


Okay, so maybe this is not something you actually eat. But you do drink them on occasion which is why they made it to this list.

A soda is a carbonated drink, typically a mix of carbonated water, flavoring, and sweeteners. Sugar, sugar substitutes, fruit juice, corn syrup, or a combination of any of these are used to sweeten this beverage. Caffeine and colorings may also be added into sodas. And then of course there are the dreaded preservatives, though it’s not the only thing you should be afraid of. The combined use of preservatives and sweeteners make soda extra deadly. It poses health concerns which predispose you to a number of deadly diseases.

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