2 Step Method To Clean Your Grout


2 Step Method To Clean Your Grout. To clean your dirtiest grout use this tip, it really works. Now you will not have to replace and you will save money. Makes it look like new.


Step 1:

Combine ingredients, mop onto floor, let set for 30 minutes. Then mop with a CLEAN damp mop with warm water.

1 Cup white vinegar

1 Tablespoon Dawn dish soap

1 Cup baking soda

2 Gallons very warm tap water

Step 2: 

Don’t re-grout. Paint your grout with Grout Renew . You can buy it at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Amazon. Very inexpensive. It also seals your grout too. I’ve used it on my floors and in the shower for my grout there. You can do any color or match the current one.


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