20 “Other” Awesome Ways To Use Salt and Pepper

Bet you thought salt and pepper was just for cooking. Here are 10 “other” uses for each.


1. Poison Ivy: Soak irritated skin in very warm salt water; also helps with just plain itchy skin.

2. Rub salt on fresh ink stain, then soak overnight in milk. Wash as normal.

3. Deodorize a canvas bag or any bag that had developed a musty smell. Sprinkle salt inside the bag, zip it up and let sit overnight. Shake salt out in the morning and air dry.

4. Fireplace: Occasionally throw a handful of Salt into a burning fire. It helps loosen soot inside your chimney. Plus you’ll get a bright yellow flame.

5. Hate frosted car windows: Run the windows the night before with a sponge dipped in saltwater. Use 1 tablespoon of Salt and 1 cup of water.

6. Ice & Snow: Fill a small cloth bag or folded scrap of cloth with Salt and close. Paper bag with water. Rub it on the outside of your windshield.. Snow or ice should not stick.

7. Spread salt on sidewalks to keep ice from sticking.

8. Flea Infestation: Sprinkle Salt on carpet or rug. Will kill any flea eggs. Let stand a few hours then vacuum.

9. Put Salt in your vacuum cleaner bag or tube to help kill flea eggs that have been vacuumed.

10. Coffee or Tea stains in cups or mugs: Run stained areas with Salt and a little water, then wash

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1. Are there still hungry ants lurking around your pantry and kitchen cabinets searching for a treat? Get rid of them by placing white or black pepper where they go. It tricks them into thinking the food is gone and they’ll soon go away.

2. Are there stubborn pests that just won’t leave your garden, despite your peppery deterrent? Take it up a notch with some spicy cayenne pepper. Mix 4 cups of water, 4 onions, 2 cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper in your blender until it gets smooth. Add it to a gallon of water so you can spray your plants with this safe, pepper mixture to keep pests from nibbling on your produce.

3. Do you have an old car in the family with a leaky radiator? Often the second car gets neglected. If you’re struggling to cover car repair bills, buy a little more time. Pour a bit of black pepper into the radiator to block tiny holes. This will give you a bit more time to save money so you can get it fixed the right way.

4, Add a teaspoon of this spicy stuff to your laundry to keep colors from bleeding and maintain their integrity so they don’t look faded. Who needs expensive laundry supplies when you can just toss a dash of pepper in each load?

5. Are mice or other uninvited rodents nibbling on your cables? They won’t want to do it anymore if you rub pepper tincture on them. It seems they don’t want to get a taste of this peppery spice. This is also a way to keep your pet cat safe if he or she likes to bite on cables. The cayenne pepper will drive kitty away.

6. Is a squirrel invading the feeder so birds don’t want to use it? Sprinkle cayenne pepper into the feed. Birds don’t mind it but it will send the squirrel running away to look for nuts and acorns.

7. Many organic and health food stores carry liquid pepper. Add it to boiling water with a dash of eucalyptus to unclog your sinuses and soothe your nasal passages.

8. Did you know that table salt and black pepper gargle can combat cavities, freshen breath and help to relieve oral pain? Mix a half teaspoon of salt and a dash of pepper in warm water then gargle. Do you have a sore throat? Mix a dash of cayenne, a half teaspoon of salt and a mashed garlic clove in warm water then gargle for natural antiseptic relief.

9. Are paper cuts a casualty of your office job? Instead of bleeding all over your papers, sprinkle a bit of cayenne on the cut. It will stop the bleeding, though it might sting a little. Do not use cayenne on deeper cuts.

10. Are your feet freezing in the middle of the night. Find a pair of old socks and line them with cayenne pepper to keep your feet warm. Use a pair of socks you’re ready to throw out as cayenne pepper can stain. Be careful of your sheets.

11. Do you have a toothache? Rub a little pepper on the spot to get some relief. You can also mix a teaspoon of pepper with hot water. Let it cool and gargle with the mixture to relieve pain. Then schedule an appointment with your dentist to have the tooth checked out.

Bet you thought salt and pepper was just for cooking. Here are 10 "other" uses for each. 

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