20+ DIY Shoe Hacks


20+ DIY Shoe Hacks. Have you ever wondered how to prevent blisters, prevent squeaky shoes, widen your boot shafts, get rid of stinky feet, when to buy shoes and much more.

To prevent blisters: Get a bit of clear gel deodorant, and rub the inner heel of your shoes.

Prevent squeaky shoes: Grab a bit of baby powder and put some underneath your inner shoe sole. It’ll allow for better cohesion between both parts of the shoe.

How to widen your boot shafts: All you need is a couple of newspapers. Simply stuff the shafts with the papers, and pull them out when you want to use your boots. Simple as that!

Get rid of stinky shoes: Put unused tea bags in your shoes, as they’re absolutely great at absorbing unpleasant scents.

Widen your shoe toes: Grab an airtight bag filled with a little bit of water, and stick it in the toe area. Let your shoes rest in the freezer overnight. Because water expands when it becomes ice, the shoe toes will be a little bit wider than before.

Get rid of water stains on leather shoes: Vinegar and toothbrush duo is all you need to keep these ugly stains away.

Use Beeswax to waterproof your shoes: The beeswax won’t even leave stains or change the color of your shoes.

When to buy shoes: Buy shoes in the evening because your feet have the tendency to swell throughout the day.

How to absorb sweat in your shoes: It may sound like a weird thought, but panty liners are great at absorbing sweat. Less sweat in your shoes equals less smelly odors, and it’ll naturally keep your shoes fresher longer. Simply put them in the soles, and you’re all done.

Chafing heals: Coat your heels with a layer of K-Y Jelly first to prevent chafing.

Fixing scuffs:  Apply some petroleum jelly on a cotton swab, and rub gently until the scuff is gone. Works best on a patent leather shoe.

How to get rid of moisture in wet shoes: Grab a couple of old newspaper pages (or paper towels) to keep your shoes nice and dry.

Warm your feet: Insert some wool fabric whenever you might think your feet need some warming up.

Keep your kicks looking new: use a magic erasers or simply by rubbing some white toothpaste all over it.

How to clean suede shoes: Instead of cloth, just use some bread to get rid of stains. Use can also use a nail file to loosen dirt from the suede and brush it away like it was never even there.

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How to fix the bottom of flip flops: Instead of throwing a broken flip-flop in the trash, grab a bread tag or a flat washer for an easy and quick fix.

To keep your heels from hurting: Try wearing your normal socks over a thinner pair of socks or nylons. The two socks will slide across one another and can reduce the amount of friction that occurs directly onto the skin of your heel.

Whiten the bottom sides of your sneakers: Use nail polish remover.

How to wash your sneakers: In your tub, mix two cups of vinegar with two gallons of water and submerge your dirty, smelly sneakers. Wash them as normal afterwards and find that the smell and hard stains are gone!

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