22 Habits of Unhappy People + Don’t Worry Be Happy Video Song


22 Habits of Unhappy People + Don't Worry Be Happy Video Song

“In my opinion happiness isn’t something that you are born with. Happiness is something that happens through a series of experiences, habits and realizations over the course of your life.  This isn’t a guide to try and fix people who are clinically depressed, but a series of things I have learned over my life that have shaped the way I look at life and the world.  It is my experience that the more positive habits you have in your life, the more emotional happiness you will experience.  Instead of telling you things you should do to increase your emotional satisfaction, I’ve created a list of bad habits you should try to correct.  Not only will they make you happier, they will also make you a better person.”

Read the 22 Habits: 22 Habits of Unhappy People

This video should get you in the mood!

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