4 Types Of People No One Needs In their Life

4 Types Of People No One Needs In their Life

Cat People
No, I don’t literally mean cat owners or people that shape shift into cats, nor do I mean any of the characters from the Thundercats. I’m talking about people that act like cats. Most people would just call this behavior “Passive Aggressive”, but to me it’s a little more than that .

If a cat is mad at you, it doesn’t just come right out and hit you with a flying claw attack, so that you know what it is that you did to upset their furry sensibilities . No, they wait for weeks, stewing in their feline anger, and then turn something you hold dear into a toilet.

If you have a problem with me, or something I do – tell me. That’s the only way to resolve the issue. Don’t skirt around it for extended periods of time, all the while resenting me for something I may or may not even know I did. At least when a cat is pissed about something they’ll poop in a shoe to let you know they are upset.

A flashlight in the dark can shed light on what it is that you need to see, which is handy. Unless that flashlight is pointed directly in your face, in which case – it is completely blinding. There are people in your life that keep that flashlight beam directed in your face to keep you from seeing what is actually wrong with them. By pointing out your flaws, and hyper-focusing on you – they hide behind their flashlights.

Whether it is insecurities or jealousy, the focus will never be on them. These people tend to direct their flashlight down at you from whatever pedestal they’ve built for themselves or whatever high horse they might be riding. People that ignore their faults by focusing on yours also have the fun benefit of being extremely defensive when you try to redirect their focus back at them. Sometimes you just need to turn around, and get that light out of your face.

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