5 Type Of Women You Won’t Want On Your Facebook

5 Type Of Women You Won't Want On Your Facebook

The Drama Queen

When she isn’t updating her status with yet another whiny complaint or intimate details of her sick, sad life. She’s probably updating a new photo, yes, you guessed it, it’s a selfie! Wait, make it 10 selfies in a block of 43 seconds.

If not, it’s about how this disgusting guy who tried to pick her up in the bar when she had no make up and a bad hair day, wait till you hear about how he happens to resembles Ryan Gosling.

The Whiner

There isn’t a day that goes by without her whining about something. The bus was 3.45 seconds late again today, she feels like no one understands her, why are all guys jerks, she hates meatballs… Every single status update is about how sick and sad her life is. You just simply can’t wait for her to just drive off a bridge and LIKE that last status update she writes before doing so.

The Dirty Laundry Lady

These are the women who have no qualms about sharing the most intimate details of their lives online.

You know, these are the folks whom you might not know well in person but with that amount of information they are spewing online. You probably know their entire life story. So yes we’ve heard, you caught your husband surfing porn for the 175th time. Oh wait, you didn’t just tag him in that rant status. And your in-laws hate you as much as you hate your husband’s guts. What? You earn double his salary and that makes him a pathetic lowlife. No wait, now you’d just lost your job. So is he having the last laugh? I guess it’s no surprise why he’d rather have sex with his right hand,eh?

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