5 Ways To Kill Your Oven

5 Ways to Kill Your Oven

Here are five tips from highly rated appliance repairmen to keep your range working all year long.

Avoid aluminum foil

Scott Garrett, owner of Ray’s Appliance Repair in Bristol, Connecticut says you should avoid using aluminum foil under the bake element in ovens.

“It is very reflective of heat and can throw too much or too little heat at the temperature sensor and, as a result, can overcook or under cook food,” Garrett says. “I also wouldn’t put it under surface units, as it can ruin the drip pans underneath.”

According to GE Appliances, using aluminum foil to line the bottom of ovens can cause the foil to melt, which can damage the oven and create a fire hazard. In gas ovens, foil can cover up vents and cause a buildup of carbon monoxide.

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