7 Mistakes You Probably Make When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

7 Mistakes You Probably Make When You're Trying To Lose Weight

Seven eating habits you should stop now.

Eating “Diet” Food

First, they’re usually packed with lots of unwanted additives and impossible-to-pronounce ingredients. And let’s face it, they’re just not filling or satisfying. Dozens and dozens of clients say that after eating a frozen diet entrée, bar or dessert, they were left with lingering hunger and thoughts of food, which led to nibbling on other foods — grabbing a jar of almond butter and a spoon, a handful of cereal or a second (or third) “diet” product. As a result, they wind up taking in far more calories than they would have if they had prepared a healthy, satisfying meal. And here’s the kicker: A 2010 study found that we burn about 50 percent more calories metabolizing whole foods versus processed foods.

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