8 New Medical Advances That Could Save Your Life

8 Medical advances that could save your life

If you’re fighting against obesity, a new FDA-approved device could help you curb hunger and lose pounds.

In January, the FDA approved the MAESTRO System, a pacemaker-like device designed to control hunger and fullness by blocking the vagus nerve, which extends from your brain to your stomach. The system, called the VBLOC, is one of a few intriguing approaches that researchers are studying as potential obesity treatments. VBLOC doesn’t alter the stomach or intestine like many of the weight loss surgeries.

Gelesis100 is a cross between a pill and a device. It’s a capsule filled with tiny particles created with raw materials used in food products.

The particles soak up water and expand in the stomach. They also mix with digested food and slow its passage out of the stomach, the company says. In a 12-week study reported at a medical conference last June, people on Gelesis100 lost 6.1% of their weight, compared to a 4.1% loss in a group of people who received a fake treatment.

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