8 Things to Buy at a Dollar Store

8 Things to Buy at a Dollar Store

We all love to save money. I love to shop at the dollar store. Not only do I save money but I find the cutest things. Here are just a few of the things you can buy at the dollar store much cheaper than other discount store.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards from a store can cost sometimes as much as $5 or $6 dollars nowadays. Why spend that much money on a card when it is the message from you that matters the most! You can find a great selection of cards for any occasion at the dollar store. Pick one with a simple message and write something great from you on the inside!


Socks always get lost or ruined so why pay full price on something that needs to be replaced all the time. For a dollar you can get a bunch of socks and not really care so much when only one seems to come out of the drier!

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