9 Reasons To Raise Chickens


1-Eggs- Ok, that’s kind of obvious but it is the number one reason most people raise chickens, to get eggs. (Not a fact, just my assumption) There are many benefits to getting your own eggs from your own birds. You know that the chickens laying the eggs are healthy and the risk of getting sick from them is very low. You can raise different breeds and get different colored eggs (it is so fun to gather an assortment of eggs, like an Easter egg hunt everyday!). The quality of the egg can’t be matched by store bought eggs, and you know exactly what is in your food. These are a few of the benefits of having your own eggs which leads us to……

2-Knowing what is in your food- With the prevalence on GMO’s and chemicals in commercial livestock feed you can avoid consuming them by raising your own chickens. We choose to feed non-gmo (non-certified organic) feed and we also choose not to feed our animals soy. You can customize what you feed your animal to ensure the highest quality eggs you can get. Our chickens also free range and forage for food so their eggs are very rich and our meat birds are very nutrient dense.

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