9 Things You Should Never Say To An Addict

9 things you should never say to an addict

Can’t you have just one?

One leads to ten leads to “I just ruined both of our lives.” If I could have “just one,” I wouldn’t be sitting in this rehab or jail cell right now.

You need to exercise willpower!

Right, I’m not completely powerless over the physical and mental craving for my substance of choice. “Exercising willpower” stresses me out, and stress makes me want to use. Thanks for the tip, though!

Try moderation!

Just play $20 on the craps table and walk away when it’s gone! Use your credit card once a month and pay it off immediately! Only have one glass of wine at dinner.

Do you STILL go to those meeting?

Once you seem a little “better” to the outside world, people (often including ourselves) will think we don’t need regular support from 12-step meetings, counselors, medical professionals, or our recovery network. Many addicts find that regular attendance to meetings and support groups are critical to their recovery.

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