9 Ways To Make Your Food Last Longer


9 Ways To Make Your Food Last Longer. Tips to make meat, strawberries, bread, milk and bananas last longer. How to soften cookies and crisp up your lettuce.

Meat: Place fresh meat into a zip lock bag leaving a small opening at the side of the bag. Then submerge in a bowl of water up to the top of the bag, and completely seal the top. Meat will be vacuum sealed ready to freeze.

Strawberries: Mix a bowl of 3 parts water with 1 part apple cider vinegar. Take the strawberries that are still in the plastic container and dip them into the water mixture. Shake off excess water and store in the refrigerator. Days later your strawberries will still be fresh.

Bread: Add a celery stick to a fresh loaf of bread. This will help prevent moldy bread and keep it fresh longer.

To Soften Cookies: Place hard cookies in a resealable container. Add a slice of bread and reseal. Days later the cookies will soften.

Slow down milk from spoiling: When you open fresh milk add 1 teaspoon salt and shake the container. Several days later the milk will still be fresh.

Bananas: Wrap the top stems of a bunch of bananas with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. A week later they will still be fresh. This will slow down the browning process.

Potatoes: Place an apple in the bag of potatoes. The bag of potatoes will stay sprout free and firm for eight weeks.

Tomatoes: Store outside of the refrigerator with the stem side down. Will make your tomatoes last longer.

Wilted salad: Wrap the wilted salad in a clean kitchen towel. Store in an airtight plastic container. The kitchen towel will absorb the moisture and make your greens crisper. You can also place the wilted green in a bowl of ice water making them look fresh again.

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