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Amazing Cookery Tips & Tricks From The 40s And 50s

Amazing Cookery Tips & Tricks From The 40s And 50s



  • Fill a wire basket with fruits or vegetables, submerge it in a tub of hot water, let stand a minute then dip the whole basket in cold water. The peelings are loosened and come off quickly. This eliminates a lot of extra handling during canning season.
  • To cook a cracked egg, wrap the egg in waxed paper, twist the ends and drop in boiling water.
  • For a meringue that never fails, add sugar (1 tablespoon to an egg) before beating egg whites.
  • Clean raisins in a screw-top jar. Put in raisins and water, screw lid tightly and shake. Drain out the water and the raisins are ready for use.
  • If your recipe calls for a few drops of lemon juice, don’t cut the lemon in half. Instead, stick a fork in one end and squeeze out the juice required. The lemon will not dry out and can be kept for future use. (I use this one all the time)
  • You can quickly shave chocolate for puddings and frostings with your potato peeler.
  • Cranberries add a good flavor to apple sauce when cooked with the apples, and give a brighter color than cinnamon drops.
  • Pastry shells will bake smoothly without blisters if, after placing the crust in the pan and pricking, you place another pie tin of the same size on top of the dough.
  • No more stirring is necessary throughout the cooking of peach butter or apple butter if you make it in your oven. The oven heat control eliminates the constant tedious stirring and the butter will not burn or stick to the vessel.
  • To poach your eggs without an egg poacher, make a ring of aluminum foil and butter it. Put this in boiling water and drop the egg in the ring. Poach until done.
  • Rid your house of cabbage, cauliflower, and other household odors. Place 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon on top of a hot iron skillet and let stand over low heat a few minutes. You can also use orange peel if you prefer its scent.

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