Benefits Of Using Butter To Sweeten Your Coffee


Benefits Of Using Butter To Sweeten Your Coffee. Bet you didn’t know you could sweeten your coffee with butter! Check out the benefits.


Improves flavor without the need for sugar. This is a coffee drink loaded with flavor, it’s filling and satisfying.

It keeps you feeling full.

Speeds up your metabolism because it makes your system burn fat.

It also keeps your energy level up all day because it enhances the effect of caffeine.

Butter is digested faster than other fats, so it boosts energy and promotes weight loss.

The butter turns off some of your food cravings and provides things the brain needs.

Butter could slow the absorption of caffeine into the bloodstream. This would result in a prolonged energy boost rather than the peak and crash you might experience if you drank your coffee without the fat.

You should drink this mix 3 times a week at the most in order to feel your best.

Use unsalted butter.

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