Best Products For Dry Skin


Best Products For Dry Skin. Lotions that friends recommend for dry hands, face and body. I am NOT affiliated with any of these products. Just lotions recommended by friends.


Olay Quench Ultra Moisture. My husbands skin used to be so dry it cracked on his sides in the winter and he used to use Lubriderm. He would not try anything else, so I bought Olay quench for myself and talked him into using it and he has never had skin that dry since then.

Almond oil is good for you. Eat Almond butter, and put Almond Oil on your skin.

Dr. Teals Body Lotion:

My Aunt has Keri Oil. I hear it’s really good. Doctors recommend it.

Coconut Oil from the Dollar Tree store.  Coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter. Natural is best, there’s so much chemicals and everything that we eat drink smell listen to. Why buy another product with things in it you don’t know. Anything with coconut oil in it. I use Oil of Olay ultra moisture with Shea butter body lotion.

It’s might be your vitamin D levels are getting low. My skin felt like snakeskin so rough & no cream or lotion will help, but getting my vitamin D upped does. Now it’s normal& soft. Activated vitamin D analogs have been shown to increase expression of a protein called filaggrin in the skin. Filaggrin is intimately involved with keeping the skin moist and those without the gene for filaggrin often have very severe eczema. I added liquid vitamin D to Penetrix – which is absorbed into the skin. Penetrix, which is commercially available, is sort of a modern day DMSO. Penetrix appeared to bring the vitamin D into the body. No data, but seems promising. Had added about 50,000 IU of vitamin D to a 1 ounce of penetrix – which was used up in about 2 weeks. Did it for my wife. It seemed to help my psoriasis as well. We have been using it for years without vitamin D. Amazon has it – and there are >900 positive comments on the stuff.

Gold Bond for diabetics! Awesome lotion!! Most stores carry it.  Food Lion, Walmart, CVS,  Walgreens, and Dollar General Family Dollar. Gold Bond Healing Lotion is amazing,too.

Try this solid Shabby Chic Lotion Bar. My daughter even uses it on her baby girl for diaper changes. She said it has been the best diaper rash cure and prevention she’s ever seen! It’s only online because the company makes only a few of them at a time, and all natural handmade.  
My hubby uses it all the time too. He cuts pieces off of mine to take with him on the road! LOL
In LOVE with Jergens Shea Butter.
CeraVe it is a little pricey, but 100% worth it. You can get it for your face as well. I have very sensitive, dry skin and my dermatologist told me to get this. I will never use anything else!!
Drink plenty of pure water. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to 8 oz of water 1-2 times daily to balance alkaline  in your body. Drink apple Cider vinegar with mother culture daily ( like Braggs).Cut sugar intake.
Lather with baby oil right after shower.
My arms and legs were so dry and flaky until I started using Equate Beauty Moisture Aloe Care…..It says compare to Vaseline intensive care Aloe soothe lotion on the bottle! I love this lotion…its not greasy, and has a fresh clean scent! It has completely made a difference in my skin!! I bought it at Walmart!!!
Use Oil of Olay for your  face and Curel for you hands and arms. Bathe with Dove or Oil of Olay. From working in nursing homes over 20 years and seen all types of skin on my ladies, the ones who never looked their age as far as smoother moisturized skin,  used Olay on face/neck and nivea or vaseline (generic too) intensive care lotion. But the woman that stands out was 105 she used ONLY ivory soap and baby lotion…she guaranteed did not look in her 80s much less 100+
A pharmacist friend told me that Vaseline was the best for that. I bought Vaseline Intensive Care for severely dry skin. It increases your skin’s moisture by 250% and has Vitamin E in it. It works wonders. If I don’t keep my skin moisturized, I get eczema. It’s accepted by the National Eczema Association. I use it all the time now. I’m fair and older so I had real success. It’s not heavy or greasy. I buy the jar of cream.
CBD makes two products…One is a lotion, one a cream. I used both of them and could really tell a difference. Problem was I used them in two weeks and they were $116.
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