Best Ways To Clean Shower Glass Doors

Best Ways To Clean Shower Glass Doors. Tips on how to get rid of the water deposits, scum, grit,mold and grime on your glass doors. Works well for windows too.


I have use just vinegar but with the smell you might need a candle but the shower walls are clean.

Rubbing alcohol works great !!

Dawn dish soap with white vinegar and warm water, in a spray bottle then rinse well. Best cleaner I’ve ever tried.  1 cup white vinegar heated in microwave 1 minute. Add 1 cup blue dawn, shake together in spray bottle. Works wonders!

Mix Windex with lime juice and WD40. Spray on and rinse.

Use a Magic Eraser. It was a miracle like oven cleaner but without the chemicals.

Toilet bowl cleaner from the dollar tree. Trust me, I used it when I worked CLEANING houses or Blue Lysol toilet bowl cleaner takes all the hard water stains off. Works awesome!!!

Bounce dryer sheets. They take the soap scum right off.

Scrub with Soft Scrub and rinse.

Scrubbing Bubbles is an awesome cleaner. Just spray and wipe. Makes everything shine!

Clorox Wipes for the doors. Easy to use.

If it is textured glass baby oil works wonders.

If you have mold use bleach mixed with water: 1 cap to 1 gallon water.

Once you get them sparkling, I would recommend getting a high quality rubber window squeegee and using it after every shower.  Put car wax on and wipe off after cleaning. Mine has cut down the need to clean the doors to only occasionally. Everyone who takes a shower should wipe it down afterwards.

Some shower doors have manufacture recommendations depending on if they are glazed or other specs.


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