Best Ways To Relieve Itching From Mosquito Bites


Best Ways To Relieve Itching From Mosquito Bites. Try these tips to stop the itching. Your mosquito bites will stop itching and go away.

You first need to take Benadryl tablets so that it can stop the histamine reaction. Then try these tips and see what works best for you.

Silver Solution by Curad. I buy it at WalMart & any pharmacy should have it. Bites are gone in an hour or two.


Benadryl cream in a tube is also good gets the swelling down and also stops the itch. It is available at all pharmacies.

Dissolve Extra Strength Aspirin or Tylenol into a paste and dab into them.

Witch Hazel works great.

Rub toothpaste on the bites.

Spit:  Put some spit on your finger and rub the bit. I’m from the south rice fields and bayous my great grandma’s old time trick and it works.

Skin So Soft by Avon.

Johnson’s baby oil gel in green tube.

Deodorant instantly stops the itching. For bad itching, grab your antiperspirant dry-stick deodorant and just swipe it across the bites. It seals the bite from the air and your itching will just stop.

Cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol. It stops the itch and helps heal them quicker.

 Vicks vapor rub.  Smear it on pulse points and the mosquitoes will leave you alone. Why it works: Vicks VapoRub contains cedar leaf oil, which is a natural insect repellent. If it’s too late to prevent mosquito bites, rubbing VapoRub on the bumps will also relieve your itching.

Lemon grass oil and water in spray bottle. They will still be around you but won’t bite. It’s all natural and can even be put on animals/pets because it’s safe.

Believe it or not Preparation H works. I didn’t believe it until a doctor in the emergency room where I work told me about it. If you don’t believe it just try it once one mosquito bite. And you’ll be a believer!

Dab a tiny bit of tea tree oil on each one and the swelling goes down and they stop itching.

Wet your finger and rub on a bar of ordinary bath soap then rub on the bite takes the itch away.

Hand sanitizer. Rub it on the bites and they won’t itch for awhile.

Camphor-Phenique works wonders I apply it and they vanish.

Windex: It’s the ammonia that kills the itch. It works incredibly well, you won’t believe the relief!

Strangely enough apple slices. I use granny smiths. Cut an apple into slices save 2 (eat the rest) and rub over the mosquito bites. It works and is chemical free.

Resist scratching, the less you scratch the sooner your bites will heal and not leave scarring.

Use some some BIOFREEZE for the itch from the bites. I have the roll on and it takes the mild swelling out of my feet and relieves the pain. Works great for muscle pain too.  I can’t say enough wonderful stuff about this product.


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