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How to work from home to supplement your income.  You can earn extra money from home using your computer. Save money for a family vacation, a new car, your dream wedding, or an awesome Christmas.

There are 3 different options to choose from.  My services are very inexpensive. You can make money monthly  from monetizing your site.

All options include being able to become a Mentor on my large Facebook group Recipes4U with over 17,700 members. You will be allowed to post up to one post a day.



The first phone call from me will be free and I will explain what you need to do first and explain my services. Phone call should last about 30 minutes. I will explain how to get a domain name and the least expensive hosting plans.

Option 1:

For only $100. I will set up a beautiful wordpress website for you, with your choice of colors and style and insert the best plugins you need for the site.

You will be required to get your own domain name and hosting plan. I will recommend the best places to do this.

You  will be given links on how to use wordpress. I also will add you my appropriate pinterest group boards with over 8 million monthly views: My Honeys Place Pinterest

Option 2: 

For only $200. I will build a beautiful wordpress website for you, with your choice of colors and style. I will purchase the domain name and hosting plan for you, which will be good for one year.

I will help you choose a good domain name.

I will inform you of how to monetize your new website to make money monthly. Places that will pay the most and where to put the ads for best results.  You must have a lot of content on you website before most will accept you.

You will be put in some of my pinterest group board (link above) to assist you with getting visits to your new website.. I will also advertise your new post on my large Facebook Page with over 317,000 followers: My Honey Place Facebook

Option 3:

For only $250: I have a website built that ready to purchase.

The domain name and hosting is good until Feb, 2020. It is a recipe site. Already has lots of content but I have not used it for awhile . This one:  EZ Recipes For Beginners.

If you need help with your website my additional services will be based on $50 an hour. Such as how to use wordpress making post, using plugins and using keywords.

All payments to me will be made through Paypal or Payoneer.


Samples of some of the websites I have built:


If you would like for me to build you a beautiful website then email me:

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