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How To Save Your Favorite Recipes On Your Computer

A little know trick to save your favorite recipe (or website) on your computer. You will have all your favorites in one folder. I know this works on google chrome, but not sure about other browsers. First step: In the URL column click on the star on the far right side. It will say “bookmark

Most Amazing And Unusual Jellyfish

  Jellyfish are soft bodied, free-swimming aquatic animals with a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate to acquire propulsion and locomotion. The tentacles may be utilized to capture prey or defend against predators by emitting toxins in a painful sting. Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. While jellyfish

Natural Ways To Fight The Flu

Preventing the flu is the best way to fight it. Home remedies to fight the flu and a cold. Grab an extra pillow in bed Keeping the head a bit higher can help relieve congested passages in the nose. Blow your nose the right way: Blowing your nose often with a cold is a good

How To Get Him Off His Throne In 5 Minutes

My husband go into the bathroom, with a crossword puzzle, and stays there for 30 minutes. I actually timed him. For any wife who’s ever watched her husband disappear into the bathroom and wondered if she’d ever see him again, the issue of exceedingly long bathroom breaks is no joke. All the while I am cleaning the

Foods That WILL Harm Your Dog

Alcohol may cause your dog to have seizures. Apple Cores: Apple seeds actually contain cyanide, which can induce seizures, hyperventilation, and even comas in dogs. Garlic: Dogs will become more lethargic after eating garlic and may need a blood transfusion. Dough with Yeast: It can expand in the dog’s stomach, potentially leading to a ruptured stomach or

8 Words You Should Never Say Overseas

You may think it’s easy to communicate when you’re visiting another English-speaking country, but think again! Certain words mean something entirely different on the other side of the world. Read on to see which eight words could cause you embarrassment across the pond or down under. Pants Be careful who you tell in the U.K.