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Easy Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

These Spinach-Stuffed Mushrooms are savory, flavorful & simple crowd pleasers.   Print Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms Ingredients 1-1/2 cups hot water 1 pkg. 6 oz. STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix for Chicken 40 fresh mushrooms 2 lb. 2 Tbsp. butter 2 cloves garlic minced 1 pkg. 10 oz. frozen chopped spinach, thawed, well drained 1 cup KRAFT

Easy Ziplock Coleslaw

Make your coleslaw in Ziplock bags. Put in separate bags and combine when serving for a non soggy coleslaw. Prepare ahead of time and perfect for a BBQ or party. Print Easy Ziplock Coleslaw Ingredients 2 Ziplock bags 1 ( 16 oz. bag) coleslaw mix DRESSING: ⅔ cup mayonnaise ⅓ cup white sugar 2 tablespoons

Healthy Snacks

A Healthy snack is a portion of food, often smaller than a regular meal, generally eaten between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms including packaged snack foods and other processed foods, as well as items made from fresh ingredients at home. Try these healthy and yummy snacks:

Just Plain Weird Recipes

I find these recipes just plain weird. They sure look good though.

How to Make Burger King’s Mac ‘n’ Cheetos at Home

Everyone loves a good food mashup, and Burger King has a new one with the announcement of its Mac n’ Cheetos — they’ve sent the internet into a frenzy clamoring to try them. But we couldn’t stop there — we knew we had to make ’em ourselves, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Avocado Recipes

Add nutrients and texture to any meal with these easy avocado recipes. Even more Avocado Recipes:  Here