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Healthy Spinach Pomegranate Chicken Salad

Spinach, Pomegranate, Chicken Salad is a healthy recipe. Topped with a delicious hot bacon dressing or your favorite dressing. Pomegranates are an antioxidant-rich super food that may help reduce joint pain and decrease inflammation in arthritis sufferers. Spinach is a healthy source of fiber and contains many nutrients, including vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin C, iron, manganese, potassium,

Homemade Egg Salad and Guacamole Sandwich

Make your own Egg Salad and Guacamole. Put it between 2 slices of bread and you have a delicious sandwich. Print Homemade Egg Salad and Guacamole Sandwich Ingredients Egg Salad 12 Hard Boiled Eggs sliced 4 Stalks Celery- sliced lengthwise and chopped ½ Cup Mayo 1 TSP Celery Seed 1 TSP Kosher Salt 2 TBSP

Salad Time

What could be more cool and delicious than a great fruit salad? Make one of these.     Check out more Salad Recipes 

Avocado Recipes

Add nutrients and texture to any meal with these easy avocado recipes. Even more Avocado Recipes:  Here 

Amish Broccoli Salad

The bacon, mayo, cheese and onion complement the broccoli perfectly. The sour cream makes the mayo more mild.   To save or print recipe see:   

Summer Pea Salad

Pea Salad: Doesn’t this look delicious? And it’s super easy to make.   Click on picture for recipe