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DIY Rosemary Alcohol For Cellulite and Muscle Pain

Natural recipe to prepare rosemary alcohol at home. Rosemary alcohol made naturally at home, has nothing to do with what we buy regularly in pharmacies, since the one we do at home will have all the beneficial properties of the plant to the maximum, without any chemical that may affect it. Uses: Circulatory disorders, varicose

4 DIY Ways To Clean Your Home

Cleaning products cost a lot of money. Now you can make your own. Diy Magic cleaner Ingredients:  2 oz. Dawn dish soap 4 oz. bottled lemon juice 8 oz. white vinegar 10 oz. water Spray bottle Instructions: Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle. The secret is to spray on surface, let it set overnight

DIY Easy Oven Cleaner

Never buy another oven cleaner again. Works amazing. Sprayed it on and let it sit. Hardly any effort at all to wipe it out. Print DIY Easy Oven Cleaner Ingredients 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap 1/2 cup lemon juice 1 cup vinegar 1 1/4 cup water Spray bottle Instructions Shake gently to combine ingredients in

15 Things You Can Clean With Shaving Cream

Surprising how many things you can clean with shaving cream. Buy a cheap brand and clean away. Works wonders. Carpet – to remove stains, spray the area with shaving cream and wipe with a damp sponge. Let it dry overnight and vacuum. Chrome – to shine, wipe it down with shaving cream and remove with a damp

How To Make Fancy Hair Updos

Need a Wedding, Party, Prom or just a fun night out fancy hair updo? Flower Updo: 5 Easy Hairstyles for long hair.   The Twisted Upstyle. A really easy hairstyle that is great for short and longer length hair. Butterfly Hair style How to style a messy updo at home or in the salon! Curls, bobby

How To Spring Clean In 1 Day

We will all agree spring cleaning is a chore. Set aside 1 day and get the job done. Bedrooms Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings, and dust all surfaces. Pay special attention to switch plates and the outside edges of doors, where people tend to grab. Let it breathe. A good airing will reduce the allergens and