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Foods That WILL Harm Your Dog

Alcohol may cause your dog to have seizures. Apple Cores: Apple seeds actually contain cyanide, which can induce seizures, hyperventilation, and even comas in dogs. Garlic: Dogs will become more lethargic after eating garlic and may need a blood transfusion. Dough with Yeast: It can expand in the dog’s stomach, potentially leading to a ruptured stomach or

Live Christmas Tree Tips

Before watering your tree, boil the water first, let stand for 5 minutes and then water the tree! This with keep the sap from getting hard and allow for the water to go up the bark! Cold water clogs the openings with the sap and your tree will die much quicker! You will need to

17 Amazing Benefits Of Pickle Juice

Pickle Juice benefits. Who knew? 1. Post-Workout Drink: Forget coconut water. Athletes swear by pickle juice’s scientifically proven benefits to exercise recovery. In one 2010 study, pickle juice halted post-workout muscle cramps in 85 seconds. That, plus its electrolyte-restoring powers has even yielded Pickle Juice Sport – a dill-flavored sports drink. But really, most athletes

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Tips for women: Smell good. Take a warm relaxing bath when you are expecting a romantic session. You will fill sexier and your partner will appreciate it.  Use bath salts and candles around the tub. Drink a glass of wine. Wine will relax you and help get you “in the mood”. Know your anatomy. When

How To Break Your Dog’s Spirit

To make a happy dog do NOT break his spirit. Ways you WILL break your dog’s spirit: Allowing Your Dog to Suffer  If an animal is hurt or injured, please seek veterinary care. Leaving a Dog Alone for Inordinate Amounts of Time. Not Walking Your Dog or Engaging in Quality Time. Taking a Dog’s Food

What To Do If You Drop Your Cell Phone In Water

How to fix your cell phone in less than 3 minutes after you have dropped it in water. Here are the instructions: Try this from wikiHow: Remove your phone from the water immediately. The longer your phone stays submerged, the more chance it has of shorting out. Quick reflexes can mean the difference between a working