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DIY Rosemary Alcohol For Cellulite and Muscle Pain

Natural recipe to prepare rosemary alcohol at home. Rosemary alcohol made naturally at home, has nothing to do with what we buy regularly in pharmacies, since the one we do at home will have all the beneficial properties of the plant to the maximum, without any chemical that may affect it. Uses: Circulatory disorders, varicose

How To Make Fancy Hair Updos

Need a Wedding, Party, Prom or just a fun night out fancy hair updo? Flower Updo: 5 Easy Hairstyles for long hair.   The Twisted Upstyle. A really easy hairstyle that is great for short and longer length hair. Butterfly Hair style How to style a messy updo at home or in the salon! Curls, bobby

Facial Yoga To Take Years Off Your Face

Facial Yoga is a series of exercises that promise to do for your face what yoga does for your body: relax and tone muscles. Exercising your face muscles tightens, tones and, according to practitioners, combats aging. Facial Yoga does not require any chemicals. It’s definitely a great option for people that don’t want to have anything injected in their face. By

DIY Backwards Dutch Braid

Turn your hair into a Backwards Dutch Braid with a messy bun. Just how adorable is this? By: @whatlydialikes Watch Video:

6 Clever Fashion Hacks

Cure your drab winter clothes and refurbish them. Get the most out of your clothes with these 6 clever fashion hacks! Watch video to see how…  

How To Make Your Own Coconut Deodorant

You will never buy deodorant again.   Watch Video: Ingredients: Corn Starch 3 Tablespoons Baking Soda 2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil 2 Tablespoons Essential Oil of your choice 1 Tablespoon