Cheese Stuffed Fried Pickle


The ingredients are things you probably have lying around your kitchen.

Phyllo dough
Panko breadcrumb
2 eggs
Oil for frying

1 – Using an apple corer, remove the insides of the pickle
2 – Slice brie cheese in sticks and fill each pickle with a stick of brie
3 – Wrap the pickle carefully in a sheet of phyllo like a burrito (watch video below to see how Joe does it)
4 – Scramble 2 eggs in a bowl and dip each wrapped pickle completely in eggs
5 – Then dip them in the breadcrumbs in a bowl and place on a plate until they’re all ready to fry
6 – Heat your oil to about 375 (See Joe’s cool trick for knowing when oil is ready to fry)
7 – Fry each pickle until golden brown



Cheese Stuffed Fried Pickles. This appetizer recipe is easy to make for a party appetizer. Centered with a pickle and juicy cheese.

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