Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes








Expanded polystyrene, polystyrene or polystyrene, anime, big or small, depending on your desires balls
Cup stock for cupcakes, can be of aluminum that are more resistant
Artificial snow or glitter (Frost/glitter)
White glue
Glue/silicone gun
Christmas red ball (get them by clusters in the shops of decoration)


-Covered with white glue styrofoam ball and bathe it with glitter or artificial snow. You can nail into a wooden stick to make it easier to manipulate it. Let it dry.

-Glue with silicone ball snow-covered gun atificial to the capacillo. Garnish the top with a cherry made with red balls. Don’t forget to place thread if you want to hang it and is now ready to wear it on your tree or a friend.

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