Could You Get This?


Could You Get This

Recently, after receiving a Windmill Animal Hospital reminder, a client asked their vet why their pets needed a fecal check…

Do you know what this condition is called? It’s cutaneous larval migrants, and it occurs when humans become infected with hookworms, usually from contact with dog or cat feces from one infected with hookworms.

Humans, especially children, get hookworms from touching dog or cat feces and then putting their hands in their mouths without washing.

This can happen while playing in the yard, at the park, in a sandbox, or at the beach. ANOTHER way a human can gets hookworms is to walk barefoot through dirt or sand where a dog or cat may have gone to the bathroom.

Hookworm larvae can penetrate bare skin.

The best way to prevent infection in your family is to keep your pet on a monthly heart worm preventive and have regular fecal checks! The vast majority of heart worm preventatives also prevent hookworms.

Also, wear shoes when outside and wash hands before eating.

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