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Crested Coua Bird Photo and Information – A rare site in the US


The Crested Coua Bird is Central Park Zoo’s ( in New York) newest addition.

Crested Coual

In October 2012 a rare crested coua chick has hatched at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo. With this successful hatching, the Central Park Zoo is only the fourth zoo in the U.S. to have successfully reared a coua chick.

The Crested Coua Bird has bright blue skin around its eyes and a crest of feathers on its head. You might think a coua is easy to spot. But both those things help it blend in the shadows of the trees and bushes of its habitat.

Crested couas birds are not very strong fliers. They can flap from the ground into a tree, but they can’t fly long distances. As they walk along tree limbs, couas use their long tail for balance. Their third toe can be reversed to point backward, giving couas a good grip on a branch.

A female Crested Coua Bird makes a nest of twigs in a tree or bush and usually lays only two eggs. The male and female take turns keeping the eggs warm. Both parents feed the chicks that hatch. Coua chicks make the feeding job a little easier for their parents.Their bright red and white markings on the inside of the chick’s mouth look like a bull’s-eye. These markings show the parents where to put the food!

Their diet consists mainly of various insects, fruits, berries,flower seeds and snails.

The markings inside the coua’s beak are unique to each individual chick and are believed to be used by the parents for identification or as a target to aid in feeding.

There are less than 40 crested couas in U.S. zoos.

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