Decoupage Tree



• Scrapbook paper (any size), about 20 sheets for a 6-foot tree

• Mod Podge matte finish

• Scissors

• 2-inch-wide paintbrush or foam craft brush

• Paper bowl or plate

• Ladder or step stool


Step 1: Take fabric swatches from your baby’s bedding to a craft store, and grab a mix of papers in the same color family.

Step 2: Start building the tree at the part of the trunk where the limbs begin to branch off. Cut or tear the paper (imperfect edges give a vintage feel), making each branch the thickness and length you want. Apply the Mod Podge to the back of each piece and press it to the wall.

Step 3: Let it grow! As the limbs reach out and up, tear the paper thinner, just like on a real tree. Create the tree trunk with scraps of paper using a collage technique. For a cute addition, hang the baby’s name off a branch.

Step 4: Stack some of the leftover paper and cut out simple leaves. Cluster them along the branches. You can adorn the tree with birds, butterflies or even rhinestones.

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