DIY Antibiotic Packs for your Home or Camping

DIY antibiotic packs that you can use for camping, put in your car, your purse or your first aid kit.

DIY Antibiotic Packs

DIY antibiotic packs – Instead of antibiotics packs you could also add condiments, trail snacks,  drinks or whatever you can think of.

You can buy nicely packaged individual packs but they can come at a premium price. These can be difficult to find without going online and ordering in bulk +shipping. Here is an  ingenious solution that lets you make your own DIY antibiotic individual pack. Using things you usually have lying around the house.

To make DIY antibiotic packs you will need:  a tube of antibiotic ointment (generic), a plastic drinking straw, a Bic lighter and a pair of needle-nose pliers,

How to make DIY antibiotic packs:

Place the straw over the opening of the ointment tube and carefully squeeze in a small amount of the ointment that is approximately one quarter of an inch in length. You’ll notice that transparent straws work best.

Use you fingers to squeeze the end of the straw so that it pushes the ointment up inside the plastic straw. This will provide a clean area for sealing the end of the straw without having the ointment ooze out while you are holding it with your pliers.

Hold the end of the straw with your needle-nose pliers so that a small amount of the straw is protruding. This will be used to melt and seal the end of the straw. Take your Bic lighter and carefully melt the end of the straw so that it forms a seal.  Quickly pinch the melted end with pliers to ensure a good seal.

Turn the straw around and find the point where the ointment went up inside the straw. Pinch just past that with your needle-nose pliers and cut off the excess straw with a pair of scissors. Make sure to leave a small amount of the straw protruding for sealing with your lighter just as you did in the first step.

DIY antibiotic packs are simple, affordable and convenient.

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