DIY Antiseptic Ointment Printable Recipe

You can make it yourself with this Printable Recipe!

Antiseptic Ointment


Antiseptic Ointment
DIY Antiseptic Ointment
  • 1 1/2 ounces beeswax grated
  • -1 cup olive almond, or coconut oil
  • -1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • -1/2 teaspoon tea tree oil
  • -20 drops lavender essential oil
  • -10 drops lemon essential oil
  1. Over low heat, in small pot, melt oils and beeswax. Once they're melted, remove from heat and vitamin E oil and essential oils. Stir with a chopstick. Once mixed together, pour mixture into small sterilized jars (or a mason jar). Allow to cool completely. Store in cool, dark place. Use as needed. Will keep for about 5 years.

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