DIY Hanging Flower Planter


DIY Hanging Flower Planter. Spruce up your yard this spring with a beautiful garden flower basket. A fresh plant can bring life to almost any space in your home. Whether you’re introducing new foliage to the patio or living room, the right arrangement can make a big difference. Create a unique twist on standard hanging baskets by hanging them at different levels and in a creative pattern.

You will need:

A flower basket you can buy one at Walmart and I have seen them at Dollar stores and Home Depot

Potting soil

A Garden trowel

Fill the basket with potting soil. Before planting the basket, fill the container halfway with any premium potting soil.
Plant the flowers of your choice: Create three layers: low, medium and high. For the low layer, use Lysimachia foliage to cascade over the basket edge.

The next layer adds height, use Barleria for the center. Leave just enough space around it for the medium layer, which features plants that grow taller than the low-growing plants, but lower than the tallest plants.

Add colors and Heuchera on either side of the Barleria, and sprinkle soil into any empty areas left in the basket.

For an easier way, just plant hardy flowers like Petunias. Plant them in light, well-drained soil in full sun after the last spring frost.

Give the basket a watering thoroughly, while still allowing the basket to dry out a little between watering.

Before hanging, make sure the basket chain is hanging from a sturdy hook that’s rated for the weight of the pot and is anchored in solid wood. To help keep the basket nutrient-rich, add an organic fertilizer every four months or so.

Hanging baskets must always be located a site that receives the necessary sunlight conditions for the types of plants in the basket. Read on the label’s of the plants you buy.

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