DIY Lavender Oil

DIY Lavender Oil

Companies use the steam distillation process to make lavender essential oil. This process is a type of distillation process used for natural aromatic materials, wherein steam or water is added to the aromatic compounds, so that their boiling points is depressed and they are allowed to evaporate at lower temperatures, because such compounds tend to decompose at high temperatures.

But, it is not possible to make lavender essential oil at home. However, the process of making infused lavender oil is fairly easy and can be done at home. In this process you just have to let the lavender herb soak in a carrier oil and then strain it. Here are the things you require and the stepwise instructions you should follow.

Things you will need:
One big bottle of carrier oil
Bunch of lavender flowers
A small glass jar
Rubber band
Plastic cling film
Read instruction: Buzzle

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