DIY Nutcracker Shutters


DIY Nutcracker Shutters. Fun to make but takes patience.

These were made by Ann Hatcher Slappey

Use a pair of solid bifold doors (makes two), gorilla glue, gold and white painters tape. Red, blue and black outside spray paint. White and beige paint to decorate. Gold star for top of hat. Painters tape to get even edges.

The eyes and mustache are cut out of foam board with mustache painted black. The nose is a popscicle stick and arms are dowels with end caps. The center decoration is chain jewelry. Gold star glued to the top of the hat.

The belt is painted and a belt buckle glued on.

Be creative to make your own. Takes time and patience’s  to make. Just follow by looking at the picture. Most material you can buy at a dollar store.


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