DIY Privacy Windows Without Using Shades


Add privacy to any window without using shades, blinds or curtains. An easy and affordable way to create privacy for any window in your home!

Lauren said “I used this method and it worked fantastic. I taped the cut pieces of lace to the bottom half of my large windows then applied the cornstarch glue with a 2.5 inch wide paintbrush. I made a much thicker glue than their recipe. I put 4 tablespoons of corn starch into half cup of water mixed it up then poured that into 1.5 cups of boiling water..then after it thickened I poured it onto a large plate to cool off. I applied it when the glue was slightly warmer than room temperature seems to spread better. the thicker corn starch glue dries into a totally opaque (lets light in but cant see through it) gel so it meshes seamlessly with the lace so you can still see the lace pattern but cant see through the panel at all once its dried. you can remove the top tape once the whole panel is glued on and fill the taped part with the glue. any overspread of glue is quickly removed with clorox wipes without altering the cohesiveness of the glued on lace edge”.

You will need:

  • Water, boiling and room temperature
  • Corn starch
  • Lace, enough to cover your entire window
  • Standard-sized paintbrush
  • Crafting scissors (Make sure these are super sharp— we don’t want the lace to end up having frayed edges!)
  • Measuring tape 

Watch this video for instructions.