DIY Rainbow Flowers


Rainbow Flowers would make a great gift.

You can make them for a hair pin, or a flower vase.

Watch video for instructions:

Here is what you will need:


20 gauge wire


Wood glue

Paint brush

Nail polish Holographic top coat (optional)

Floral tape


1. Take a piece of wire and carefully wrap it once over a marker to create a loop. Secure the wire by twisting it 2-3 times around the marker to make a circle.

2. Remove the marker from the wire and repeat 4 more times starting from the end of the last circle. You should have a total of 5 circles.

3. Secure any excess wire by twisting it together with the other end of your wire, this will create the stem of your flower.

4. Carefully pinch the circles of your flower to transform the circles into ovals.

5. Lay each oval over your marker and carefully bend it to create the petals of your flower. Repeat this to all five petals.

6. Hold the flower by the stem and dip the petals into a cup of wood glue. Make sure the petals are completely submerged.

7. Slowly pull the flower from the glue, allowing a thin layer of glue to form on the petals of your flower.

8. Set aside and let dry. Once dried the glue should have become clear.

9. Paint a second layer of glue over each petal and let dry.

10. Once your petals have dried paint them with a layer of nail polish, followed by an optional layer of holographic top coat.

11. Use floral wire to wrap the stems of your flower.

12. Use your flowers to decorate items or combine them together to create a vine of flowers.

Credits: Buzzfeed 

You can make them for a hair pin, or a flower vase.

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