Do You Have Early Onset Alzheimer’s?

Do You Have Early Onset Alzheimer's

Signs of Early Onset Dementia at Work


  • Memory Difficulties:You may begin to feel the need to write almost everything down to help you remember it; perhaps you’ve hidden such “cheat sheets” in your desk, since you’ve noticed others don’t need them to perform their jobs.
  • Confusion:You may feel like you’re missing something, or aren’t confident what project is scheduled for which day. You may also find yourself looking around to see if others appear unsure, or if it’s just you.
  • Easily Overwhelmed:If anything extra is added to the day, you may feel terribly overwhelmed, and/or that it’s an impossible task. Sometimes the thought of organizing your day is exhausting because it just feels like it’s too much to handle.
  • Difficulty Learning New TasksIf your company decides to use a new computer program or to shift a new type of work your way, you may struggle more than the other staff members to learn the system and the new job.

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